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Hello I'm Ceri Ann, a self taught silversmith based in North Wales.


My jewellery is all handmade in the foothills of Snowdonia in my beautiful home workshop. I try to distil the pure beauty and emotion of this wild part of the world in each design, giving each piece I create its own sense of place and beauty. 

​This is where the Welsh name 'Crefftarian' comes from, "Crefft" translating to craft and "Arian" silver. Being from Wales I wanted to ground the business in my home country and make it clear the origins of my jewellery. With a beautiful view of the mountains from my workshop and with Snowdonia and many beautiful beaches on my doorstep, my creative juices are always inspired!

I aim to be as sustainable as possible within my creative practice. I work with recycled sterling silver and my stones are sourced from trusted suppliers. My jewellery is designed and handmade to last a lifetime. 

My Creative Journey

"After leaving school I did a foundation course in art & design where my creativity gravitated towards fine art painting. From here I managed to bag myself a place on the Painting course at Wimbledon college of Arts....with lots of hard work of course! 

After completing my BA I decided to leave London and return back home to North Wales so that I could save up to do some travelling. I continued to paint in my free time whilst working and saving and within a year of post graduate life, I had completed some European trips and travelled Iceland.


Me and my partner Ed visited Cornwall in the summer 2018 and whilst researching 'Things to do in St Ives' .....a make your own ring band class came up so we decided to book on! This was a one hour class to learn some of the basics and I absolutely loved it. This wasn't my first taste of jewellery making though. I did make some slate jewellery back in my GCSE days but my teacher made me sand paper the slate charms every week in my two hour classes which put me right off the idea!!

September 2018 I set off to the wonderful Bali and travelled the East coast of Australia. I travelled back home for Christmas and that's when I received my first comprehensive yet simple jewellery making kit. With this I was able to start making my own ring bands and soon after CrefftArian was born."

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support,

O waelod fy galon, diolch i chi gyd am eich cefnogaeth, 

Crefft Arian x 

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