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Sunset Pottery

Sunset Pottery


My Mum stumbled upon a stunning piece of pottery while wandering along the picturesque Welsh coast. Inspired by its beauty, I transformed it into a pendant reminiscent of a breathtaking sunset. Crafted with care from recycled sterling silver, I meticulously polished it to a glossy finish, resulting in a truly unique pendant.


-Handmade from 925 Sterling silver.

-Sea pottery found along the North Wales Coast.

-16" chain advertised in the images. 


What is sea pottery??

Sea pottery, also known as beach pottery or sea glass, refers to pieces of broken ceramic or glass that have been smoothed and weathered by the action of the sea and sand over time. These fragments are often found along shorelines and beaches, where they have been washed ashore after being discarded or lost at sea. Sea pottery can come from various sources such as broken dishware, bottles, or tiles, and they often possess unique colors, shapes, and textures due to their exposure to the elements. Many people collect sea pottery for its aesthetic appeal and historical significance, as each piece may tell a story of its origin and journey through the ocean.

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