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LUNAR. (Sterling silver. Chain length 16" belcher chain)


Representing the moon & its phases, each sphere is finished with different textures to represent;

The New Moon, ( Representing the menstral cycle, women would take time away during this period. The new moon is your fresh start, a time to regain strength and begin again)


First Quarter, (Occuring a week after the new moon, this is when we begin to feel resistance in the form of obstacles. If your intentions were planted during the new moon, your first hurdles are experienced here. The theme surrounding this moon are, challenges, decisions and action)


Full Moon, (Now because the sun and the moon are on opposit sides of the Earth, they are in opposit zodiac signs. This brings tension as we fight to find balance. During this period, emotions can run high and its important not to get overly emotional or attatched.


Third Quarter. (The third quarter represents release, letting go and forgiveness. Just like the moon dicreasing in size, we have to be ready to let go. You must purge yourself to be able to receive the new intentions you will set again during the next new moon.

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