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Aqua Seaglass Ring

Aqua Seaglass Ring


A beautiful Aqua seaglass ring handmade from sterling silver. This piece was found along the North Wales coast and has been naturally tumbled by the sea, no two pieces are ever the same.  This ring looks great stacked with one of my 5mm textured stack rings.


-Handmade from 925 sterling silver.

-Aqua seaglass 

-Set on a polished ring band.


What is seaglass? 


Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is weathered and frosted glass that has been naturally tumbled and smoothed by the action of the waves, sand, and rocks along the shoreline. It typically originates from discarded glass bottles, jars, or other glass objects that have ended up in the sea. Over time, the glass undergoes a process of erosion and abrasion, gradually losing its sharp edges and developing a smooth, polished appearance. Sea glass comes in a variety of colors, with some being more common than others depending on the type of glass and its age. Collectors often appreciate sea glass for its beauty and uniqueness, as well as its connection to the ocean and maritime history.

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