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Sea glass bracelet & daffodil

Sea glass bracelet & daffodil


Crafted with care, this exquisite bracelet features genuine seaglass delicately encased in 925 sterling silver. The seaglass, lovingly collected along the Anglesey coast, bears the distinctive marks of nature's gentle touch, having been naturally tumbled by the sea. Adding a touch of symbolism, a meticulously crafted daffodil flower adorns the reverse side of the seaglass, symbolizing the national flower of Wales.


*I have added an extension chain to the bracelet so that it can be worn to your desired length*


Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is glass that has been naturally weathered and polished by the action of waves, sand, and other elements in the ocean or other bodies of water. It starts as discarded glass bottles, jars, or other glass items that end up in the water, where they are tumbled and abraded over time. This process smooths the glass edges and gives it a frosted appearance. Sea glass comes in various colors, typically dictated by the original source of the glass, and it is often prized for its beauty


-Handmade from recycled 925 sterling silver


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