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Lilac seaglass & pearl

Lilac seaglass & pearl


A beautiful piece of seaglass I collected along the Anglesey coast. Handcrafted into recycled sterling silver alongside a lusterous freshwater pearl. This beautiful piece of lilac seaglass is conidered a rare piece, and estimated that only one in every 500 seaglass pieces collected is this beautiful soft lavender colour!


-Handmade from recycled sterling silver.

-Lilac seaglass 

-Freshwater pearl 



Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is a type of glass that has been weathered and tumbled by the ocean's waves and sand over time. It starts as discarded glass bottles, jars, or other glassware that end up in the ocean. Through the natural process of erosion and abrasion, the glass is smoothed, frosted, and often becomes rounded in shape. As it spends years in the ocean, the glass loses its sharp edges and gains a distinctive frosted appearance. Sea glass comes in various colors, including green, brown, white, and blue, depending on the original source of the glass and the elements it has been exposed to. It is highly prized by collectors and artisans for its beauty and rarity, often used in jewelry, crafts, and decorative pieces.


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